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Welcome to my blog! I'm very glad to have you here and to have the chance to introduce myself to you. My intention is that this blog will be a place for you to get information about the Madison real estate market, ideas to improve your home and home landscape, the City of Madison and it's many resources, as well as anything else I think you might enjoy. There might even be a recipe or two here and there. :)

Who am I? I'm a long time Madisonian who currently lives in the Rolling Meadows neighborhood, with my spouse Karen, our two kids Max and Ginn, our cat Larry and our dog Pirate (plus a yard full of bees and birds that love our native gardens). I first got interested in real estate in 2000, when I purchased my first house in Madison. I entered the profession in early 2017 after being the primary caregiver for our two kids for many years (that was the year they both were finally in school and I had time to consider something other than naps and what was for lunch...I'm sure some of you can relate...:) ). I work extensively on Madison's east and north sides, often with first time home buyers. I love helping them manage what can be a very daunting decision...buying their first house.

My philosophy as a Realtor is to form a close and active relationship with my clients. I believe in clear and consistent communication and doing everything I can to make the process from first showing to closing as smooth and low-stress as possible. When people are buying or selling a house, they are doing something enormous in their lives. It's something they will likely not do more than a few times. As Realtors, I believe its important for us to always remember this, and act accordingly. This is not just a transaction for people, its a life alteration. We are accompanying buyers and sellers on one of their life's biggest journey's. I believe we should strive to make sure we're a positive part of that journey. 

When I'm not helping people realize their real estate goals, I am a working theatre artist (both a director and actor). I have appeared on stages throughout the city as well as Wisconsin Public Radio as part of the 9XM players. I am one of the co-founders of Guest House Theatre, Madison's newest professional theatre company. I'm also a committed conservationist (hence all the bee and bird loving native plants in our yard) and proponent of energy efficiency. I am strong supporter of Madison's LGBTQIA+ community, having had the sincere pleasure of helping many members of that community buy and sell homes in the area. I am also committed to working to end the truly unconscionable gap in home ownership rates between white Madisonians and their fellow citizens of color. 

Thanks for getting to know me a bit better. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you better! 

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David Pausch

In November of 2000, I closed on my first house, a rough-around-the-edges 1922 colonial with lots of sun, not a lot of storage, and an enormous oak tree in its postage stamp-sized back yard. From the ....

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