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Dated: August 5 2020

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This blog post caught my eye this morning: The Most Popular House Styles in the US. Based on a survey done by, the post delves into taste patterns throughout the country. And the winner? The "Modern Farmhouse"! This was followed closely by the "Mid-century Modern Ranch" (full disclosure: we own one, which seems fitting as its also the most popular style in Wisconsin) and the "Spanish Colonial." So now you know!

I was disappointed to find, though, that the least favorite was the "Italianate". With the rounded windows and often a rooftop "cupola" feature, they were huge in the 18th century and are found all over small towns in the US. I've always thought of them as stylish and a bit grand. And honestly, while I love our ranch, it's a bit...boring from the street. 

Also, I think the scope of the survey was a little narrow. Nowhere in the choices offered to the respondents was the "Bungalow," the "Cape Cod," or my favorite of all, the "Four Square." I fell in love with the Four Square years ago while taking an art history class that focused on material culture (in other words, the stuff we use and live in). Four Squares were budget conscious and often purchased mail order through the Sears Roebuck's catalog. Symmetrically designed, they often feature 4 rooms on each floor, a central chimney (though not always), and a large front porch. A rural farm family and friends could assemble them themselves, and the porch acted as a place to gather after a long work day. They were also city-friendly, as the square design took up a relatively small amount of lot space, while giving the residents a fair amount of square footage. 

Of course, the most important style of house is the "home" style, a distinction that transcends architecture. Perhaps best exemplified by the Weasley's "The Burrow" in the Harry Potter novels. Crooked, precarious, a bit haphazard, it also was beloved by all who lived in and visited it. Well, except maybe the Malfoys...

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