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Dated: September 16 2020

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As I've written here before, when I'm not working as a real estate agent, I'm working as a theatre artist. In fact, I think you could accurately say that I work as a real estate agent so I can work as a theatre artist. Real estate gives me flexibility to do theatre work in a way more structured, "9-5" type jobs don't. But I digress.

This Saturday at 3pm, my theatre company, Guest House Theatre, is doing a live streamed production Plays in the Garden. Featuring readings of three short plays by my wife Karen (who is also a playwright and a co-founder of the company), the show is an example of the creativity arts companies are having to use to produce content in the COVID age. Produced outside using and live streamed, the production will include specially constructed personal protective equipment, and will be available to anyone through our company Facebook page. 

The pandemic has had a serious impact on the lives of the folks in our communities who create and produce live entertainment. Hopefully, this show will fill some of the gap that's been left. But I also hope it serves as a reminder to people how important the arts are to our community and how difficult the last 6 months have been for artists of all stripes. If you have the means, please consider supporting the performing arts companies in your community. The work is decidedly not lucrative (not something everyone always realizes) and the artists are often your neighbors. 

See you Saturday! 

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