Recipe recommendation--Light Wheat Sandwich Bread

Dated: March 5 2021

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I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions. They always seem a little...artificial to me. I mean, sure, it's a clean date to remember, but really there's nothing keeping you from adding a new habit or changing a current one at any time of the year. But this year, I felt sort of compelled. Perhaps because 2020 was so all over traumatic, the turning of the new year this time really felt like a moment to adjust. But I wanted to make sure my resolution would be something attainable. Something with a clear goal and an obvious result.

One thing I care a lot about it conservation issues; climate change, habitat loss, those sorts of things. So I'm in constant conflict with the amount of plastic we use--both "we" as in us all, and "we" as in the Paaris (Ed. Note: for those not in the know, "the Paaris" is what we call ourselves internally at our house...a mash up of my last name and my wife Karen' you know, if you didn't already). And one thing that just irks me was sandwich bread bags. 1-2 a week. Ugh. And the guilt was made worse by the fact that I actually am a pretty avid bread baker! I bake loaves of sourdough for dinner, soda breads, rolls. But I just kept buying sandwich bread. is so easy. You just grab it with the milk when you run to the store. But it is also the thing that was most easily (for me at least) to not just grabbed at the store. I mean, I'm not milking my own cows anytime soon, but bread...bread I could do. So that was my New Year's resolution; to bake our sandwich bread at home from now on. 

I'd done this in the past, and had some recipes, but wasn't that happy with them. So I did what I so often do when I need a great baking recipe...I went to the King Arthur Baking site. There I found their Classic Sandwich Bread recipe. And it really fit the bill. Soft, crumby (in a good way) and lasts several days, it has been a hit. I have tweeked it a bit, substituting in 100g of whole wheat flour for 100g of all-purpose flour (that's probably 2/3 of a cup, if you don't have a scale...but you should spend the $15 and get a scale!), hence my changing the name to Light Wheat Sandwich Bread. This didn't change any of the other measurements (though I've found the lower end amout of water to be more than enough usually), but I would the dough rest for 20ish minutes after initially mixing the ingredients (before kneeding). Also, this is a recipe that only really takes a few hours from start to finish, so it's doable in an evening. Which is important if and when I'm not working from home all day everyday.

So if you want to give baking your own daily bread a whirl, try this recipe out. Or send me your favorite. I'll give it a try and post pictures of the results on my Facebook page

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