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Dated: October 7 2020

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I've found it difficult to think of things to write about recently. So much mental space is taken up with outside things lately--election, COVID, etc--it seems to have pushed out any other thoughts. So yesterday, while coming up empty on any decent blog post ideas, I just stopped, found the dog, and took a walk. A long walk. 

It was great. With the trees in my neighborhood of color and the sun shining, the streets looked like postcards. Houses had decorations for the upcoming Halloween festivities (whatever those may be), leaves were in piles, gardens were being prepped for fall (though not too much I hope...those native seed heads are great winter food for songbirds!). It was idyllic. It didn't change the outside stresses of the world. But it did provide a welcome respite from them, if only for a little while. 

So go find your dog--if you have one--and take a walk. Or go alone. Or go with your kids or your partner or your roommate. And just take a walk. You'll be happier, if only for an hour or so, for it. 

Here is a picture of our dog Pirate, who I walk with, as an example of how happy going outside can make you:

Pirate water photo

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In November of 2000, I closed on my first house, a rough-around-the-edges 1922 colonial with lots of sun, not a lot of storage, and an enormous oak tree in its postage stamp-sized back yard. From the ....

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