3 listing prep tips for sellers

Dated: March 6 2023

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So you're thinking of selling your house? Way to go! Now you just have to get it ready. Oh boy...

That second part is pretty daunting for a lot of homeowners. They know it's best to not just put their house on the market without getting it ready, but where to start can be a big hurdle. 

Some things to keep in mind are time and cost. The more you do, the longer it will take to get the property listed. And spending a lot on remodelling likely won't pay off. So here are 3 relatively inexpensive listing preps to consider:

  1. Repair, don't remodel. Remodelling your home can take a lot of time and money. Interviewing contractors, making downpayments, waiting for materials, wondering why the builder hasn't shown up in a week, etc. All of these things can add a lot of additional--and unnecessary stress--for a home seller. Plus, the cost of a remodel likely won't be fully recouped in an increase in sales price. That's why I usually recommend to sellers to repair things that aren't working, address deferred maintenance items (squeaky doors, scratched floors, stuck windows, etc), and leave the remodeling for the new owners. This will save you time and money, and let them make their own design choices.
  2. Paint and floors. There are few things that can create a positive impact than freshly painted walls. It will really brighten up the space and make a really great impression. And you can do it yourself! Same goes for floors. If you have hardwoods, get them at least professionally cleaned. Or refinished if they are pretty worn (note: this is the one area you likely will get your money back in the sale). Carpets? Get 'em cleaned! None of these services will cost a lot, and they will definitely pay off.
  3. Staging. Even if you are still in your home while it's being sold, it's definitely worth doing staging work. That can be as simple as packing away rarely used board games, toys, etc. or tidying the kitchen counter. Straighten the pictures on the wall (and take down the personal ones), position the throw pillows, put some colorful flower planters on the step. Make sure that when a potential buyer walks into your house, they have a positive first impression and more importantly, can imagine themselves living it it. 

Of course,  you should also use a Realtor to assist you. We can help you find service providers, give staging tips, and even run to Home Depot for flower planters! 

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3 listing prep tips for sellers

So you're thinking of selling your house? Way to go! Now you just have to get it ready. Oh boy...That second part is pretty daunting for a lot of homeowners. They know it's best to not just put

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